Your air handler is an essential part of your “split” heating and cooling system. It is the indoor portion that delivers the cooled air in the summer and heated air in the winter – quietly and economically.  

What is an Air Handler?

Air handlers contain the parts that move the air throughout your home, called the blower. It operates with both the heating and cooling parts of your HVAC system and is used to cool and heat your home depending on which system it is working with.

The Different Types of Air Handlers

There are a range of air handlers available with varying features depending on your HVAC system needs:

  • Single-Speed Unit: Has a motor and a fan, which operates at one continuous speed.
  • Five-Speed Unit: Offers several speeds and provides greater accuracy when operating.
  • Variable-Speed Unit: Allows the unit to operate with differing speeds, which guarantees precise function to meet any requirement.

Our Services

Whether your current system is in need of a tune-up or it won’t turn on at all, we can help. We offer the following air handler services:

  • New installations
  • Repairs/replacement of existing units
  • Maintenance visits